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From the start, the passion

Physiosens is a range of food supplements developed in our family laboratory, in the Toulouse region.

We are a team of trained health professionals, experts in prevention and lifestyle optimization.

Our project is to create innovative micronutrition solutions for you that respect both people and the environment.

For 10 years, we have been working with heart and passion to offer you the best in food supplements.


A quality concentrate


We design our products from A to Z, from formulation to manufacturing. Our raw materials are carefully selected for their high quality.

We pay particular attention to the choice of our suppliers. We prefer organically grown ingredients, locally produced for European plants, and those that guarantee fair production for the consumer, fair for the producer and fair for the environment. 


We apply the most demanding manufacturing standards to ensure that our food supplements are free of pollutants (heavy metals, nanoparticles, endocrine disruptors, etc.). 


Our quality approach includes compliance with the ISO 22 000 standard, which guarantees the total safety of the raw materials with which we produce our Physiosens range. 


We are also committed to following the HACCP method, which allows us to identify, evaluate and control the dangers linked to food safety.  


For example, our omega 3 fatty acids have been awarded several labels (Epax®, XO®) which guarantee their purity and incomparable concentration, as well as the "Friends of the Sea" label, which gives the assurance of sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing practices.


Health without additives!

We take care to avoid the presence of additives, preservatives and sweeteners which do not offer total safety, in favor of natural alternatives such as Stevia or calcium carbonate.

Our products meet demanding specifications, all our formulas are regularly revised to achieve this.

They are guaranteed GMO-free and gluten-free.


Most of the time they are also lactose free.


A 100% vegetable and natural capsule


We offer you the first envelope truly 100% vegetable and of natural origin, based on Pullulan.


Pullulan comes from the natural fermentation of cassava starch, under the action of a non-genetically modified and non-pathogenic yeast, without any chemical additives.


Indeed, classic vegetable capsules (HPMC), although very widespread, are unfortunately the result of manufacturing processes that use solvents.


Our Pullulan capsules are guaranteed GMO-free, starch-free, preservative-free, solvent-free and do not contain gluten; they are halal, kosher, approved by the Vegetarian Society and certified Vegan


Pissenlit Parachute semences

Supplements that have energy

Because we demand the best for our products, we have developed an innovative patented process that restores to our ingredients the best of what nature has given them.

Thus, at each stage of development, everything is implemented so that the active ingredients contained in the products are not only preserved but also potentiated. The result is reflected in the exceptional bioavailability of our food supplements.

Made in Occitanie manufacturing


Designed and designed around Montpellier (in Mudaison), and produced in the Toulouse region, we are proud of our products, which are 80% made in France and more particularly in the Occitanie region, and sometimes even with ingredients produced in the Mediterranean region. .

Because we believe that manufacturing locally is both a guarantee of quality,  of sustainability, and a way of acting towards a fairer world!


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Certified laboratory

ISO22000 standard

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Ingredient quality

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Thank you for what you sent !

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